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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Those Poor Souls

Now, normally I avoid making a mockery of real problems. I understand it's a fine line between laughable and personally offensive, and I try to steer clear altogether.

The preceeding disclaimer is a CYA for this particular post. A new "problem" has been brought to light, and honestly, I'm having trouble taking it seriously. If your downtime is so meaningless that work dominates your life, it shouldn't be that hard to remedy. Here are some helpful suggestions: start a family, take up building ships in bottles, try drinking Irish whiskey for a hobby. Otherwise, I'll fix you up with a one step plan. I regularly host "Pimp Hand" meetings, and aside from the red handprint on your cheek, they're harmless. Not to mention faster than some sissy 12 step plan. 12 Steps!!!!!! Is anyone else struggling with this yet?!?

Sorry, I let myself get a little out of hand there. It's just that, as long as crack babies are being born and men and women are dying in foreign lands to defend our freedom; taking Workaholism seriously is just asking too much of me. Please accept my apologies if I've overstepped my bounds. Remember to direct all class action suits towards Mr Twisted. Not me.


Mr. Twisted said...

I didn't take this at all seriously until I read this quote:

"Workaholics don't even have to have a job."

Holy crap, that's me! Thank you, el Jeffe, for making it possible for me to understand my problem and bring it out in the open. Without people like you, I would continue living in denial, and telling myself that's ok to be addicted to, uhh, not working. Or something like that...

Everyone, my name is M. Twisted, and I have a problem.

El Jeffe said...

Is it possible for a society to become "too tolerant"? Look for an action packed, edge of your seat blog packed with the dramatic aforementioned topic soon!

Jason Evans said...

Being a workaholic is bad now ?? I used to be a workaholic, and worked with plenty of 'em. Some reasons I've seen for workaholism:

1. Wanting to make a new business succeed, and understanding that busting ones ass is necessary...

2. When you work with a bunch of hyper-motivated badasses... if you don't become a workaholic, you are a slacker. Case in point... "60 Minute" piece on Google.com. Those people practically live there... Are they workaholics or motivated ?? Is there "personal life" suffering ?? Sure, but THEY LIKE/LOVE WHAT THEY DO!!

3. Not having or not liking ones personal life. I've seen people hang out at work to avoid going home. Their life, their choice.

If you've ever worked with Indians (from India) you'd think they are "workaholics", but they just straight up bust their ass, like plenty of immigrant groups from past generations. But they're culture embraces hard work, it's the only way to succeed when everybody else is working hard.

Alessandra said...

taking Workaholism seriously is just asking too much of me
I hope you were kidding. Workaholics often have a bunch of emotional and psychological problems, which is different than a healthy person who has to work a lot, and usually the type of work has something to do with the problem too. It's obvious that you cannot have a family/social life if you spend 18 hours working and 6 hours sleeping.

"Workaholics don't even have to have a job." Holy crap, that's me!

Actually, that's called bumaholic. ;-)

Jonathan Scott said...

Twisted, all I can say is, leave the work stuff to those of us with jobs. You college kids, some day you'll get out of college and see the world for what it really is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but what does CYA stand for?

Mr. Twisted said...

"Cover Your Ass."