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Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Know if You Should Be Taken Out And Shot: Part I

If you have experienced depression after seeing a movie because you come to the realization that the fantasy world depicted in said movie is, well, fantasy, then you should probably be put out to pasture. Your time is over. Whatever possible usefulness you may have had towards society has been used up, and you are now a drain.

Thank you for playing, but we kindly ask you to leave now.

This is literally where we're at in this country -- people are creating forums on the internet to discuss "ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible." No, really. You just read that. And it was a quote on CNN. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

So, again, for anyone out there who shares those feelings or feels "despair" regarding the human race after seeing the movie Avatar, please see yourselves out quietly.

As for me, I'm headed to see The Book of Eli this afternoon and should have a review up later tonight. Should be a pretty good movie, as Denzel rarely disappoints, and it has to do with the apocalypse and Bible stuff. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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