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Thursday, September 09, 2010

On Dating Smart Chicks

I came across an article today entitled "Does This Law Degree Make My A$$ Look Fat?" (and yes, I changed those s's to dollar signs to avoid porn-spam on my blog) and it made me think.

No, really. I thought about stuff. And then I thought about guns and zombies and airplanes and forgot all about this article until just now.

And what, you may ask, did I think about? Well, it goes something like this: I'm thinking of doing a multi-stage blog (read: spread out over several weeks) on the topic of dating. You see, I'm getting married in two weeks, and as such, I'm basically an expert on the subject. How so? Because I won.

It's like struggling for years and years to win the Super Bowl and then finally achieving that goal; it allows one to kick back, go to Disneyland, and and write a book about how I achieved success. Oh and I get a shiny ring, too!

So starting next week some time I will debut "A Twisted Sense of Dating." Possibly on another blog or possibly on this one; it depends on who bids higher or sends me more truck-loads of cash.

Oh but back to the linked article, it made me remember a lot of things that I have learned through the years (and years, and years, and years...) of being single and how both men and women are screwed up. But not only that, how incorrect most dating "experts" are when analyzing the realities of what constitutes the never-ending search-to-not-be-alone in today's society.

So stay tuned, 'cause I'm sure it will be a riot. If you're married it will probably make you happy you are, and if you're not...well, I'm not liable for what you do to yourself because I don't even use my real name on this site. Convenient, isn't it?

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