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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just checking to see if the old Blogspot site works, and I'll be darned, it does.

I'm not able to do as much stuff on this one, but hey, this might work out better because it will make me just write, instead of trying to be fancy. Oh and it's free. That's kinda neat, too.


Kell said...

See... here's the thing... you promised a good time on the new site and then you proceeded to not write anything lately and censor my comments. So, while I had fun for a very long time the most recent few days- not so much. Plus you lost my pants. 54 Million dollars please.

Mr. Twisted said...

First of all, I would have loved to keep the other site; it's just a matter of the other site not cooperating too well with *me*.

As to your pants... I didn't lose them. They burned up in flames from all of your LYING.

Jkuch said...

Well then, things are getting a little heated in the comment area and WHY are you stealing pants?
So, say I have some missing pants... did you take them and lose them? Is that where they went?

I like the new place better, btw.
Going to come back to being a regular groupie...BEWARE! LOL