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Friday, August 22, 2008

We Should Have Been Sneakier

But, alas, someone tipped off the coppers.

Once this gets cleared up, our Ninja skills will be much better. We will own the night. And possibly our parent's basements.


Kell said...

I am frightened by the prospect that there is an under-belly of this world that you seem find... only to extract snippets of craziness...

Where... Where... Where... Do you come up with this????????

Nija newsletter? Geeks-r-us????

(And PS... yes the Middle East is a great place to meet chicks... but since when do you like girls???)

Predator said...

You've been talking about bringing ninjas more mainstream... I think those guys must read Twisted Sense of Funny and thought that dressing up like ninjas would send the most terrifying message. But why did they skimp on the throwing stars? Everyone knows those are the greatest weapons a ninja has!

Ninja University of the Martial Arts
2214 East Platte Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Predator II said...

Umm, my bad. Apparently they did have throwing stars. But no mention of smoke bombs.