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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Train Up

As previously stated, Twisted Sense of Funny (TSOF for you military types) will be opening up shop in the land where civilization began within the next 6 weeks. In preparation for this little jaunt with the United States Army, yours truly is currently in train-up for the trip.

But before you go thinking that this implies some sort of high-speed, tactical, put-us-through-our-paces stuff, take a second to consider this: as of today, I am a day short of two weeks into this, and I have yet to fire one live round of ammunition. Is that important? Gee I hope not. I have, however, stood in a line that was literally five hours long so that I could have a financial advisor ask "need anything taken care of? No? Ok, you're good to go. Next!" What a monumental let-down that was; after that long of a wait, I was expecting to be cashing in on some Nigerian banking scheme or something.

At any rate, training should start picking up pretty soon as we begin to get the administrative details taken care of. What I am most concerned about is the fact that I have yet to see anything regarding "rocket-shooting motorcycle training" on the schedule at all. And I, for one, do not feel safe going overseas without being properly instructed on my equipment. Which brings me to my second complaint: that I have seen nothing related to "rocket-shooting motorcycle issue" on the schedule. Is it too much to ask to have proper gear when deploying? Apparently so...

Updates may not be as often as I would like, but hopefully the posts will become more interesting with the development of, say, something happening. This, as of yet, has not occurred. So I leave you with me sitting and watching the 9/11 anniversary memorial happening in New York City (at the same time of the morning which the event happened) and thinking back to when this long, strange trip of military service began for me. Oh and also there is a Major sitting next to me who is snoring like a little baby. How cute.


Whatever said...

No rocket shooting motorcycles??? That's a load of crap. I guess you have to go work for Her Majesty to get that cool weaponry. But you do have some cojones grandes, cause I wouldn't go over there without a rocket shooting motorcycle or a car with an invisible switch.

FD13654 said...

Sooo, u had convoy training yesterday, maybe rocket-shooting motorcycle training this week?? We dont want you deploying without the proper gear. The suspense of waiting a year knowing that you were not given the proper training will drive me insane!! (oh wait, I already am) Miss you hope that you are ok.

"Join the Army, Stand in line"