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Friday, April 21, 2006

Because I Link Better Than I Write

Mark Levin has a killer round-up of current events on his blog.

If you go read it, and finish it, I'll let you come back here and have desert.


Kell said...
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Kell said...

I expect chocolate chip cookies.

Two things for which you will vilify me for pointing out both sides of the coin. One- I read an article a year ago about illegal immigration. The story discussed a butchering plant in the Midwest that employs so many illegal aliens that the INS calls in advance, before a raid, so that the employees can be given the day off and won't be rounded up, thereby shutting the plant down. That is crap.

Part two? He discusses the low skilled jobs and the Americans that are unwilling to do them. This is true but there is a second part to that statement- ...unwilling to do them for the same rate of pay. My husband works (hesitation, while I laugh) in construction. The framers used on most jobs are illegal aliens and they are paid 5 bucks an hour (Min Wage in CA is 6.75) or even based on piece work (under 20 bucks a wall.) The Contractors, that won't allow illegal aliens, hire framing companies that have to pay their laborers 11 bucks an hour for the same work. Are we willing to cover that $6 hourly difference when we buy the end product?

You don't want my opinion on immigration, but this makes even me laugh... http://www.uscitizenship.info/?ad=adword&keyword=uscis29

Mr. Twisted said...

I don't know what your opinion on immigration is, but it's probably against mine because YOU HATE ME SO MUCH. Ha.

Seriously though, my main complaints are: A)"They" say that illegal immigrants cost us billions of dollars by taking advantage of things like Medicare. Fine, fix Medicare. Don't allow illegals to have it. B)It's ridiculously hard to legitimately aquire citizenship in this country, and yet it is ridiculously easy to walk across the border. Switch those two problems around (ease of becoming a citizen, difficulty of hopping the border), and that would illiminate a lot of the problems.

Just my thoughts.

Kell said...

About 9-10 years ago, my husband got a bad cut on his leg at work that should have had stitches at the minimum. We went to the Medicare office for Emergency Care coverage only. They ask you a series of questions before you talk to a Care worker to determine if they will provide you benefits.
1.are you pregnant?
2.are you an alien in this country illegally?
3.are you under the age of 18?
4.are you a foreign national?
5.Are you over the age of 62?

As the answer to all was no, he was denied. (You need only one yes.) Thank the Lord, we were able to make payments to the Urgent Care clinic that had to take care of the wound that evening- which took forever to heal because he didn’t get stitches timely. Medicare problems? I wonder why?... #1, 3 and 5 should be qualifiers, #2 and 4 should be declined.

And PS- at the time he and I worked picking strawberries. (Therfore "independent contractors") And that is a WHOLE ‘nother saga.

Anonymous said...

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