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Monday, April 17, 2006

A Birthday Bigger Than All of Us.

Bikini Celebrates 60th Birthday - And this isn't a national holiday because... why, exactly?

Thanks again to official Twisted Sense of Funny spokesmodel Marisa Miller who, if she keeps up good work like this for the site, I might have to give a raise.


Alessandra said...

Given that I look so much better than her ;-), I can say that it looks like they spread some cheap tanning junk on her, her defined stomach looks weird, and her pulling down the bikini bottom looks cheap and "over-sexualized in your face" cultural cliche. She looks too tall also.

That's all. :-D

Kell said...

And I would sell one of my kids... granted, probably the oldest one that is such a pain in the butt... to look this ethereal. She looks beautiful, fit and healthy to me. Not like this "Model of the minute"...yuck


Mr. Twisted said...

The pic got a little stretched out when I posted it, so if you click on it, you can see a better version.

Yeah, I'm sure there is some airbrushing going on and some retouching, but Ms. Miller is definately more of a "fit" model than some of the rail-thin coke-diet runway trash you see in most magazines.

Miss Ginny said...


Nah, really, she is quite something... she's not too skinny, but I think a little more weight would add nicely to her figure. Ya know, more curvy and stuff.