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Monday, April 10, 2006

What a Stretch

Report: Simpson to Play Anderson's Part in 'Baywatch' Movie - And kudos to her, I say. Those are no small bra-straps to fill.

The actress has landed the key role in the Hollywood remake of the 1990s TV
show "Baywatch."

And it's about time, in my humble opinion, that Hollywood starts focusing it's attention on quality entertainment like this. I've been lobbying for a CHiP's or an A-Team movie for years, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Jessica, 25, will play a heroic lifeguard on Venice Beach, Calif. — and may even
copy the slow-motion running that made fellas such a fan of 38-year-old Pammi in
the Saturday evening show.

You don't just learn the ability it takes to run in slow motion. That's like some sort of natural gift, man. I smell Academy award written all over this one.

Producers hope David Hasselhoff, 53, who played Lt Mitch Buchannon, will
join the cast now Jessica is on board.

Hope? HOPE?!?! I'm sorry, but if Mitch Baywatch is not involved, it will completely lose most, if not all, the credibility that this franchise has earned through years and years of trend-setting quality entertainment. We're not talking about some run-of-the-mill show here, this is delicate stuff.

Ha. Thanks to the ever-wise to the Wake-Woman (cousin to the invisible jet-flying super hero) for the uber-awesome link. We can all sleep better knowing that they found a suitable replacement for one of TV's most beloved characters.


Mrs. WakeandaHalf said...

I'm really still speechless over this. Not that either one of them are looking good these days, but if David Hasselhof isn't too old to be involved, how come Pam Anderson gets the cold shoulder? The woman has obviously spent a fortune to look as, er, good as she does. Not fair, I say.

Mr. Twisted said...

Umm, hellooo?!?! Maybe 'cause he's David Flippin' HASSELHOF!?!?!?

Besides, you're just upset because Pam is so smrt.