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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Weekend Link Mecca

Once again, I strive to bring it all in a condensed, economically sized package for your viewing pleasure. Check this post over the weekend, as I will just add too it if I find something relevant.

The Funny:
A spot on article about how "Everything I Need To Know I've Learned From Iron Maiden." Good stuff, but if you are not familiar with the band, then most of it won't make much sense.

A pretty funny clip here about ending women's suffrage. Why can't we stop it?!?!? (Thanks to Muse for the link.)

The Weird:
Lawmaker sends nude appreciation email. Classy.

Picasso Bought At Costco Might Be A Fake. Ya think?

The Serious:
Link the links. Opinion Journal's best of the web has a number of interesting reads for the weekend.

Iran issues stark military warning to United States. This could get ugly.

The Beautiful:
A very cool picture of a picture of Paris (turn down your speakers).


~E said...

That clip about ending Women's Suffrage has sparked a rather volatile debate in a community I participate in... some guy has said that America has gone downhill since women got the vote since they vote emotionally, for security over liberty. As you can imagine, that's gone over like a ton o' bricks!

El Jeffe said...

From Mongolia to World War II, Bruce Dickinson & co. have exhibited an education that would make Condoleezza Rice feel ignorant. All summed up by the statement "I gotta have more cowbell!".

Jonathan Scott said...

Hmmm...Muse, let's just put it this way- I think if Hillary runs, she'll get voted into office by millions of women who think that she deserves it because of how much "she's been through". Doesn't everyone deserve a break after they've been cheated on?

~E said...

I don't doubt that a lot of women will vote for Hillary *because* she's a woman, and will appeal to their notion of 'it's time a woman broke the ultimate glass ceiling'. (A gross emotional political appeal to be sure) But, I'd hate to think they'd give her the Oval Office just b/c she'd been cheated on!!

I won't be in that line.. I'll be voting my conscience, for the Libertarian candidate. ;-)

El Jeffe said...

Eddie for President in '08!

Mr. Twisted said...

Eddie for president? Dare I ask who the VP candidate would be for that genius idea? I might speculate that Bruce Dickinson himself would round out that ticket perfectly. Maybe Ronnie James Dio as Sec. of State. This would be the greatest cabinet ever.

President George W. Bush said...

Very funny stuff ... well except for the bit about Iran.

Miss Ginny said...

Like, I think, that, like, that suffrage video thingy was just, like, very mean and stuff like that.