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Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm completely ripping off a topic from Dave at Garfield Ridge because I think it's an interesting post, and it hits pretty close to home.

We all know how hard it is to get Hollywood interested in "patriotic"
Here we are, almost five years into a global war against a
determined enemy, and how many movies on the War on Terror have we seen?
Let alone movies that portray America as the good guys in this war? None
too many.

Agreed, and the sad part is, it will probably only get worse.

Anyway, here's why I set this all up: the
increasingly controversial case of Pat Tillman
. I have a simple
question, really. Back when Tillman was just a "processed war hero,"
Hollywood didn't seem to care one bit to hear his story. But now that
Tillman's tragic story looks to be complicated by all sorts of things ranging
from Army bureaucratic incompetence to (now) potential criminal negligence, who
here can imagine Hollywood climbing ALL OVER the Tillman story?

As I said, this hits pretty close to home. I met Tillman about two months before he was killed, and since then have trained with a guy who knew him very well. He was nothing short of a genuine, good soul. The problem is, most of us knew that long ago, and it would be absolutely tragic for Hollywood to (now) capitalize on that, just based on the fact that it is a blemish on the U.S. Government. Yet, as much as I would like to say differently, it's very likely to happen.

Thoughts are always welcome, and much appreciated.


Jonathan Scott said...

A lot of f#@&%d up $#!t happens in war. It seems like only the "celebrity soldiers" or the ones that take pictures of themselves are the ones prosecuted. Some terrible crap happens, and there's nothing wrong with making a movie about it. Everytime I hear Sean Hannity and Ollie North talking about our valient men and women sacrificing for freedom, I wish they could see how many people die needlessly (Iraqi people), just so that someone can have a "combat kill". It would make you sick.

There are also a lot of great dudes, like SFC Smith from the 3rd ID, who laid waste to upwards of 50 hajis and lost his life, all while trying to defend his boys. That story will make you cry like a little girl and well up with pride.

Unfortunately, reality isn't on Hollywood's mind. Instead of trying to portray what really happens, they have to put everything through their liberal filter and wait for the story that will make it all look like a waste.

Mr. Twisted said...

I have no doubt that if they make a movie about it, they will portray him as a hero. Problem is, they would have never done it had there been no "controversy" surrounding his death.

Smith won the CMH for that, didn't he?

Jonathan Scott said...

Yeah, he did. Guys like that make me proud to be an American. And the Marine LT, who charged an ambush with his M4, ran out of rounds, picked up an AK, ran out of rounds, pulled his M9, and ran out of rounds, and when all was said and done, he had saved his platoon and killed the entire ambush...and lived to tell the story.

I guess Holywood is pretty controversy-centric. As can be seen from the Academy Awards last night.

Mr. Twisted said...

I refused to watch the Oscars. Thought about doing a post as to why, but just didn't have time. What with me saving the world and all...