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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

He's *Still* Smarter Than Me

I should just rename this blog "The Un-official Victor Davis Hanson link site" since that's all I really have to offer in terms of intellectual stimulation. "Here, read this! Then come back to my site and I will talk about Monkeys and Chocodiles."

An excerpt:

We point fingers at each other; soldiers under fire point to their achievements:
Largely because they fight jihadists over there, there has not been another 9/11
here. Because Saddam is gone, reform is not just confined to Iraq, but taking
hold in Lebanon, Egypt and the Gulf. We hear the military is nearly ruined after
conducting two wars and staying on to birth two democracies; its soldiers feel
that they are more experienced and lethal, and on the verge of pulling off the
nearly impossible: offering a people terrorized from nightmarish oppression
something other than the false choice of dictatorship or theocracy--and making
the U.S. safer for the effort.

Just read it. You know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it.


Jason Evans said...

Pretty good lil read....

Only part I disagree with is the "there hasn't been a another 9/11". Tell that to London, Madrid. GWOT => Global war, not just USA... but anyways...

It's also only been a few years since 9/11. In 1998 we could say "we have not had an attack on the USA since 1993"

cuz said...

Monkeys make me laugh.......

plane geek said...

Jason you forgot the "here" at the end of sentence you quoted.

Mr. Twisted said...

Cuz - you know, you could've said that on nearly any other post I've ever done and it would have made sense.