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Monday, March 13, 2006

Musical Gold-Mine

Ever wonder what the greatest album of all time is? Well, look no further my friends. The light has shown down on us, this glorious day I tell you. And we will look back on this moment as a turning point in our growth as beings who understand fine artistic expression.

Just go here to see what I am talking about.

P.S. The whole joke is for you to read the reviews people wrote on this album. Pure genius, I say.


Jason Evans said...

What is it with you and Micheal Knight ??

My favorite line is: "Still, Germany owes a huge debt to this man. If it wasn't for him getting up on the Berlin wall to sing a song, it may have never been knocked down!"


El Jeffe said...

I just hope I do something that makes people feel the necessity to pay homage so eloquently and long windedly(?) before I die. Hasselhoff is a shining example of living to one's fullest potential.

Kell said...

Aparently the UK is dealing with a major crack epidemic.

Mr. Twisted said...

Crack epidemic? I think that is us, young lady! After all, if we can not appreciate the intricate musical stylings of such a broad sweeping genius, then what kind of a country are we, really?

Kell said...

one that isn't tone deaf.