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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In the Mood for a Movie?

I'm sure that you've been saying to yourself how much you appreciate all the musical links to great stuff (Hasselhoff, Kim Jong Il) on this site, but what about a movie that truly takes your breath away? Never fear, I have found what you seek.

My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade.

Again, read the comments. "It is like drinking unicorn giggles."

Good times, good times.


Kell said...

Ahhhhhhh... the truth comes out.

~E said...

This one is particularly brilliant - an Excerpt:

"Princess Promenade is the Schindler's List of My Little Pony films. It is the noble Captain dying to save Private Ryan. It is the smoldering heat of William Wallace's passion for freedom."

Now I MUST see this movie!

cuz said...

I've seen it, 7 yr old daughter you know.
Unicorn giggles taste like crap by the way