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Friday, March 10, 2006

Iran Has Fun Conferences

Iranian University Holds "Holocaust Myth" Conference - Not to be out done by their leader, Isfahahahahanan University held a conference on whether or not the Holocaust was real, or a myth.

Alireza Soltanshahi, a representative of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
who heads the Presidential Office for the Study of the Palestinian Issue,
addressed the gathering, telling participants that, the Holocaust myth has
turned into an industry for the Zionists to gain money.

Other upcoming conferences to be held by the Iranians - "Jews: Can We Get Them To Nuke Us," "How to Secure The Imminent Destruction of Your Own Country" and the much anticipated "Leadership Development: How to Make Your Country Seem Crazier Than North Korea." I heard that Carrot Top is slated to perform at that last one. Should be a doozy.


El Jeffe said...

WHen I think of Sasquatch or Nessie, the Holocaust is right behind them. Iran deserves props for having the moxy to lay it on the line like that.

Mr. Twisted said...

Yeah, all those US soldiers that stumbled on those concentration camps were all liars. Every one. Probably the same people that went on to fake the moon landing.

(Comment sections like this one are a sure fire way to get some Google hits from a few wacked-out conspiracy nut-jobs.)