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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Movie Review: Ultraviolet

Ever wondered what a group of 13 year-old boys who do nothing but read comics and play video games would do if they had a whole gob of money to throw at a movie? Well wonder no more, Ultraviolet will answer that question.

To be quite honest, I'm not really even sure what I just watched. It seemed much more like a video game than a movie. Cancel that; it seemed more like a commercial for a video game than a movie. Visually speaking, it was pretty cool to look at. Very interesting colors and effects, and it didn't hurt that Milla Jovovich managed to squeeze herself into some pretty tight outfits. As for her acting... Did I mention that she looked good?

Absolutely no plot to speak of whatsoever. Something about infected blood, big evil corporations, a little kid who holds all the secrets, blaa blaa blaa... Don't go see this movie for any kind of "story." See it if you want to watch Miss Jovovich jump around kicking people and slicing them up with a sword. Which, in all reality, is there any other reason you would want to see a movie?


El Jeffe said...

If you can't respect Milla for her acting talents, which aren't bad per se, at least her choosing of roles has been respectable. Plus, she's hot. You left that part out, I think.

Mr. Twisted said...

My bad. She definately spent some time in the gym for this role. And the one in Resident Evil. And the Fifth Element. And... whichever one was before that.