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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stupidest Idea of The Week So Far

Police Ready To Pull Over Good Drivers - Because they are looking for another reason for people to hate them?

The Travis County Sheriff's Department and the Round Rock Express minor-league
baseball team announced a program to reward good drivers with free Express

Gee, wow, a free "Express ticket." Thanks. I guess.

Sheriff Greg Hamilton said his deputies will stop motorists just as they would
during a routine traffic stop. He acknowledged that some drivers are likely to
be upset before an explanation.

I would wager pretty good money that after that explanation most drivers be even more pissed off.

During "Drivers Safety Week," Travis County Motor and Traffic Units will be
rewarding motorists who they observe to be driving safely and courteously and
obeying the rules of the road. These individuals will be stopped by the officers
and presented with a "Be Our Guest" card good for two tickets to a Round Rock
Express home game, the team said.

Let's say this happens to me - You know what would be an even cooler reward for obeying traffic laws? If you would LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE and let me drive to where it is I need to go! For cryin' out loud... Oh, but what a great reward! Tickets to some craptastic minor league baseball game. So not only was my driving delayed, now I have to try and unload some tickets to a game with teams no one has even heard of. Super.

Unless part of the "reward" includes a couple of super-models and great big bags of cash, please don't stop me to tell me "good job." I know I'm doing a good job. That's why you aren't stopping me. Funny how that works, I know.


Kell said...

Here we go. You are not a fan of baseball. Therefore, you can't talk about baseball. They are a farm team for a MLB team. In this case the Astros, I believe. (and who played for the Astros.....?)

I checked and they have the highest attendance in the PCL. One game drew almost 700k. So people have heard of this team.

This program is going to happen in their market. It will be publicized. It is only during one week. If it happens you will know about it beforehand and won't get completely bent out of shape. What if they were tickets to a Hockey game? Yeah that’ll shut you up.

Sorry, but I felt obligated to argue with you this time. And don't worry, I have seen you drive; you won't be given baseball tickets.

Seriously, you used to be a driver for a big mucky-muck??? Really? He must have been a big fan of the E-ticket ride at Disneyland. Red lights are "almost" like the green and yellow ones. Yikes.

Mr. Twisted said...

Ahh geez, here I am trying to go on a rant and leave it to Kell to be all "rational" and "level-headed"... Like those words *ever* apply to me.

Kell said...

no kiddin'

Just remember... BASEBALL is off-limits for your rants and I won't have to try and make you look silly.

Jonathan Scott said...

Kell...didn't seem like any "trying" was involved there. It came pretty natural to you.