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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy New Year to all, and also a Happy birthday to mom.

Any new years resolutions for me? Uhh, how about not going back to Ft. Bragg until it warms up? How about getting through another semester of college without losing my cool on a know-it-all professor? How about not seeing any movies staring George Clooney as a CIA agent (I would review that movie here, but it can be summed up by saying "STAY AWAY")? How about getting in even better shape than I was last year? And more importantly, how about not taking for granted all the little things, and how much we really have in this country.

Any suggestions for resolutions, feel free to leave in the comments.

May 2006 bring to all of us a deeper understanding of life and all that it has to offer.


Jason Evans said...

2006 Goal: Keep living a life less ordinary and keep following your heart...

6-Deltaz 4 Life

Kell said...

My Resolution? Turn you into an optimist. Kidding...

I made three... Figure out how to sleep, be strong, and be brave without help. Two- only God can give better health, but I will stop working against it. And last but not least- Find a way to get myself in at least the top 20 on my personal priorities list.

Considering the first one went down in flames on the First of Jan... less than 24 hours... that has to be a record of some sort... I am trying harder for the other two. Only time will see if I should have gone with annual the safe resolution- No eating orange seeds on Tuesdays.

Happy New Year PC

Anonymous said...

You are pretty funny.

El Jeffe said...

My resolution is to figure out how old man Drobny stays looking so youthful after so very many long years (and despite being on the losing end of countless hockey contests).