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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Iran Options

Victor Davis Hanson is once again on top of things as he lays out some of our options in dealing with a nuclear Iran. Scary stuff, but read the whole thing if you have time. As he says,
"Finally, the public must be warned that dealing with a nuclear Iran is not a
matter of a good versus a bad choice, but between a very bad one now and
something far, far worse to come

If we do end up exercising military options against Iran, refer back to articles like this one when people say "why don't we just negotiate with him more?". I hope that we can, but it's not looking that way. That guy is just plain nuts.


Jason Evans said...
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Jason Evans said...

You know what rhymes with "War in Iran" ?? "Stoploss and Draft"

Zulu India November Golf!!

or does that not apply here ??

~E said...

"Stoploss and Draft"

My least two favorite vocab. words associated w/the military.

Mr. Twisted said...

A stoploss I can see. A draft... I think things would have to get way more serious than what we are seeing right now for that to happen.

Jonathan Scott said...

My assessment- Very damaging airstrike that will cripple the program, but no occupation. I don't think that anyone has the will to invade another middle eastern country. That would be good for those of us who would be affected by a stop loss.

As we've all heard before, the vacuum that would would be created would have to be filled, and that has proven to be a very difficult process. Can we create two brand new democracies in the middle east at the same time?

Mr. Twisted said...

I think less important than creating another democracy is just stopping a world class moonbat from unleashing terror on a nuclear scale.

I think you're right, an airstrike seems most likely, but that could have some damaging affects on the moral of the people that we are trying to help now. I don't see them uniting into one common cause, but it could still set things back a bit.

Jason Evans said...

M-O-O-N... That spells MoonBat...