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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Government Subsidized Mail Order Brides

Government support for mail-order brides (Seoul, Korea) - Via Breitbart.com.

"South Korean farmers have been turning to brides from other parts of Asia
in recent years after struggling to woo local women, who are often less than
enthralled with the prospect of rural life."

Get. Out! What woman would not be totally swept off her feet by the idea of life on a South Korean farm? I don't buy it.

In all actuality, I am the ignorant one here. I figured that the U.S. was really the only place that mail order brides were popular. As there has to be women out there willing to put themselves up for, uhh, order, it would only make sense that those women would want to move up. And I guess it makes me sound little bit like an elitist to think that farming in South Korea doesn't sound like much of a move up from anywhere. Well, except for the Middle East. At least they won't chop off your head for showing your bare arms in South Korea. So I apologize to all the South Korean farmers who are reading this blog. It was not my intent to offend you.

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Anonymous said...

..there are days that possibly being married to a South Korean farmer sounds like the end of a Cinderella story.