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Monday, January 30, 2006

Terrorists Need Dictionaries

Zawahiri, in New Videotape, Says He Survived Airstrike - Number 2 al Qaeda man says in a video released Monday:

"Butcher of Washington, you are not only defeated and a liar, but also a

A failure? Really? Let me ask you something, if you go into a football game with a goal of scoring ten touchdowns in the first quarter while holding your opponent scoreless, and instead you score only eight touchdowns and your opponent scores a field goal, are you a "failure"? I don't think that's quite the word he was looking for. I think maybe he should have replaced "failure" with "a country which has made it really, really difficult for me to even leave this stinking cave that I have been in since mid September of 2001. And it really sucks 'cause I have totally missed all the new episodes of 'Mythbusters' because of it. Man, Jamie and Adam are the coolest."
Those words are very similar to each other, so I can see where he made the mistake that he did.


Kell said...

LMAO. (need me to define that for you?)

Mr. Twisted said...

LMAO.... I have NO idea what that means. Please explain, in detail, oh wise one.

Anonymous said...

Love the commentary.


Mr. Twisted said...

I do know who you are. You're that guy who keeps watching me from his living room window with the binoculars.

cuz said...

anonymous, You are a poser"YOU KNOW WHO I AM"
you stole my line!!!!!!