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Friday, January 06, 2006

Weekend Warrior

Well, I am off for my fun filled weekend of being a Nasty Girl (aka, National Guard). My guess is that it will be a slow weekend, and I will only by called on by the president once or twice to save the free world from evil doers. No no, don't worry about me. I'm a trained professional. I have mopped floors and cleaned toilets for the military in four different states. There is no challenge to large for this soldier.

On a more serious note, a short but interesting piece on Ariel Sharon by National Review's Saul Singer can be found here. The man devoted over sixty years of his life to fighting Islamic terror. Agree with him or not, he has had a major impact on the world we live in. Let's hope and pray for the best in regards to his health.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writing although I might be a little prejudiced.