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Sunday, January 15, 2006

India looks at things differently.

Study: Selective-sex abortion claims 500,000 girls a year. Apparently in India it is much more common to have an abortion if the baby is going to be a girl. This will obviously offset the population numbers in the long term. The upside, of course, is that it is having a major impact on the spread of "cooties".
Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with people that think "let's have an abortion - oh never mind, it's going to be a boy"? Or - "We have the results of your sonogram. I'm so sorry to have to tell you, it's..... a girl." (Weeping, gnashing of teeth), "Oh the horror!".
Do they really not see the long term implications of something like this? I understand that in a caste system the male is much more valuable in regards to family prominence, but they do realize they need women to, say, make more babies, right? Sheesh. Weirdness, I tell you.


Kell said...

You realize that you are talking about a country where it is common to sell your own kidneys ($800, thank you very much) and if you marry a woman whose family isn't able to pay you a nice enough dowry, you and Mommy Dearest are comfortable setting her on fire?

"What do you mean they aren't sending us more money after giving us the livestock, the Lexus, and 25K? Huh.... Hey Honey, stand next to this lit oil lamp for a sec... my Mom needs to give you her recipe for Banana bread...."

Jonathan Scott said...

Quick thoughts on abortion that come to mind...I think that any society that accepts ending pregnencies for the sake of convenience is on a dead end road that leads to corruptness and political dissolution (my $10 word of the day). WTF!? How did we (our world) let this happen? Do we worship so much at the alter of science and reason that we believe that we can say, with no emotion, that a fetus is not human, and that the mother can deny it a chance to live?

Mr. Twisted said...

And how could it be "more acceptable" if the baby is one sex or another... Unfortunately, as sad as it is, it is also reality.