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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No Way

STUDIO EXECS PREFER 'BROKEBACK' OVER 'MUNICH'; SPIELBERG SAID DISPLEASED - I, for one, am shocked that Spielberg would be upset over this. I mean, just because you spent the last year and a half of your life dedicated to making a movie about a terrorist attack (that was not only a true story, but might hold some relevance to today's world) and you got beat out by a movie about a couple of lonely sheep-herders who get a little frisky, doesn't mean you should be "displeased". Why on earth would that bother you, Steve? Maybe if you would have had the Israeli intelligence operatives slow dance with each other while blowing up bad guys, then you would be recognized for making a good film. You just weren't sensitive enough. You didn't take enough risks. Next time, you'll know.

Of course, all of you realize that this means Spielberg will inevitably make something along the lines of "Saving Ryan's Privates." Sick. You're all sick for making me write that.


El Jeffe said...

I really resent the obviously metrosexualphobic undercurrents of that post.

Kell said...

What color evening gloves did you want for your birthday?