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Monday, January 30, 2006


I just watched an entire episode of "24" and Jack Bauer never killed a single person. The obvious question when faced with a dilema such as this is, what would Jack Bauer do? This leads to a bit of a problem, as the literal working out of this is translated as "what would Jack Bauer do if Jack Bauer watched a show about Jack Bauer and Jack Bauer never killed anyone?" The answer should be that Jack Bauer would kill someone in that circumstance, but then, I have just seen evidence to suggest the contrary. This is what we call a "stupid circle", and I seem to be stuck in it.

Maybe I just need to start patterning my life after this guy from now on.


Kell said...

You are stuck in the stupid circle, again? If you open your hands and release the hula hoop, it will fall to the ground and you can step right out of it. See? Is that better? I bet you were getting dizzy, weren't you?

monster. boobies. oh brother.

Jonathan Scott said...

Hmmm...I tried to access the link you provided, and got shot down by the Air Force interenet filter. It claimed that the site was blocked for mature themes and nudity.

cuz said...

I have repeatedly asked you to keep those photos private!
If you continue posting them on the internet I will have to pursue legal action

Mr. Twisted said...

Kell - My hula hoop is permanently connected to my body.

Scotty - Uh huh. Sure. Now tell me what you *really* did with that picture.

J - I thought those pics of you now fell under "public domain" as so many have already seen them. What does it hurt to have a few more?

Jonathan Scott said...

Holy crap...No wonder the Air Force blocked this.

cuz said...

I'm pretty ripped huh?
You like my helmet?