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Friday, January 20, 2006

On Hold

We'll just call this "Hold blogging", as I am currently on hold with the military hospital. It is absolutely astonishing the amount of hoops we National Guardsman have to go through to get medical treatment. Keep in mind, this is an injury I received while on active duty, and I am now on my second week of red tape slashing just to get an appointment. Which is going to be with a general practitioner, who's main duty it will be to refer me to a specialist...

Just spoke with a live person!!! I now have an appointment for... next Friday. Super. That means it will be another week after that before I see a specialist. Your taxpayer dollars, hard at work.

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~E said...

At least you got through... I've been on hold w/the IRS for 2 hours today... and still holding!! The things we do for clients. =P