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Monday, January 16, 2006

If You're a Real Fan

'24' gets cut off in last 10 minutes - In a move reminiscent of the "Heidi game", WACH - TV in Columbia last night brilliantly decided that their local news was more important than the cliff-hanging season premier of '24', and cut away from it ten minutes before it ended.
I think in a situation like this, a true fan of the show needs to ask him/herself, what would Jack Bauer do? Most likely, he would travel to the tv station headquarters, tie up all the executives, torture and interrogate them, and blow up the building. All while rescuing the Secretary of State, who was most likely being held in the building. And doing it all with only one arm, because he had been shot in his other arm on the way to exacting his revenge on the people responsible for him missing his favorite show. Now, I'm not advocating violence against a television broadcasting station, but if you are a real fan, well then... 'nuff said.


Peakah said...

buwahahah... that's great...

Hey, its good to see another Vegas blogger out there!

Mr. Twisted said...

Indeed! And it's good to see a blog of your kind.