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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Conditional Surrender

As most of you probably heard, the big news of the day is the new tape by Osama what's-his-face. To which I (along with most level-headed people) say "whoop-dee-do". So what. You are no longer even relevant, Osama. The infrastructure (if you ever really had one) to your "army" is gone. You live in a cave. Your fan club is about as strong as that of David Hasselhoff (who I hear is HUGE in Germany, so maybe he has that going for him). Give it up.

At any rate, you can read the "real" news report about the tape here, or you can read Mike Silverman's rendition of his conditional surrender here. The latter is much funnier, and more worth your time.

6. Sharia law must be implemented in at least one American city, preferably Las


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