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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bode Miller Has Had One Too Many "Bode-Doobies"

Has anyone else seen these Nike Commercials featuring aspiring socialist Bode Miller? Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a link to one of them on the web, which means I can't quote the "exact wording," enabling me to make fun of it even further. So instead, I'll just make up some stuff. Which, from the looks of the commercial, is exactly what Bode did.

Essentially, Boodie's (yeah, I know, that's how I'm spelling it from here on out) philosophy centers around the idea that sports in this country have taken a wrong turn and led our children down a path of destruction by declaring things like "winners" and "losers." Horrific, I know. But wait, it gets better. He goes on to say how ironic it is that in society, people can be accepted for their different choices in lifestyle (e.g. if someone wanted to be a gay sheep-herder, say), but in sports, we can only accept people who are better than everyone else. Umm, Boodie? Sweetheart? That's what sports are all about, jackass. If we don't pick a winner, it seems kind of pointless, now doesn't it. Not so in Boodie's world, where apparently the sky is a much brighter, prettier color. According to him, we are paying the price in our society for leading our children to believe that winning is important. He's right, you know. We would all be much happier if all of the games we played ended in a tie. Remember the first game you watched or played in that ended in a tie? Remember how overjoyed you were? Yeah, that's how life should be. Everyone's a winner. And then we could all get together and eat plain white toast while listening to some Grateful Dead records. That would be swell.

The strangest part to me is that Nike has chosen to use this guy to represent them. Nike has had a pretty strong tradition over the last twenty or so years of using people that, well, go against pretty much everything Boodie says in his commercial. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong... See a trend here? Yeah, they're all winners. They were all "better" than everyone else around them, multiple times. And they were recognized for that. Funny how that works.

It would be interesting to see if Boodie will give all the money he earned in his Nike advertising campaign to all the skiers who weren't good enough to get sponsored. After all, it's only fair.

Update: Chief editor of Twisted and ever lovely Kell pointed out that you can go here to watch some of Boodie's wisdom. Just go to the "barn" section (the website is a pain in butt). If you frequently spend your nights waxing philosophical about "the man" keeping you down and how following Phish is cool, but not the same as following the Dead, then a lot of what you will find on that site may make sense to you. If you are like the rest of us, however, it's just plain comical.


Kell said...


It is in the Barn section- "Bode on winning"

There are some other jewles that you will enojy as well.

Kell said...

crap I can't spell. Oh well.

Mrs. WakeandaHalf said...

Funny how "Boodie" didn't do all that well in the Olympics. Oh wait, he totally sucked. So, like, competition, that's, you know, icky. It would be much better if everyone got a gold medal, just for trying, you know? A tie, everybody wins, YAY!

Mrs. WakeandaHalf said...

Oh, I posted before I watched the videos, good link Kell, that is priceless! I was going to putter around on the site long enough to earn a "star" to put on the "Bode Tree" and then I thought, you know, Bode doesn't want me to be a "joiner", so screw the "Bode Tree".

He's all about not caring what other people think, man. He doesn't need the validation of a gold medal.

Mr. Twisted said...

All your negative vibes are really messing with Boodie's Chi, man. So, like, lay off and chill out.

I wonder how much he will cling to this attitude once he's homeless.

Mrs. WakeandaHalf said...

Tragically, like so many immature young men and women, it looks like he'll have to find out the hard way that "doing whatever makes you feel good" doesn't come with a paycheck.