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Friday, February 24, 2006

He's Smarter Than Me

New article by Victor Davis Hanson -

We are at a standoff of sorts, as we cannot yet stop the fear of the IED,
and they cannot halt the progress of democracy. The Americans are unsure whether
their own continued massive use of force — GPS bombings or artillery strikes —
will be wise in such a sensitive war of hearts and minds, and must be careful to
avoid increased casualties that will erode entirely an already attenuated base
of public support for remaining in Iraq at all. The terrorists are more
frustrated that, so far, they cannot inflict the sort of damage on the Americans
that will send them home or stop the political process entirely.

There's really nothing I can say here that he doesn't say better in the article. Make the time to read the whole thing. It will make you bigger, stronger, faster, and better looking. Seriously.


Kell said...

That was a very good article.

But you are a complete fibber. I read the whole thing and then raced into the other room to check out the mirror. First: Race would be the wrong word. Slowly strolled is more fitting. Second: I still see a frumpy housewife. Third: I am unable to leap over the house. Fourth: I am still short. This is false advertising. Reading the article did none of the things promised. Fibber!!

Mr. Twisted said...

Oh brother... I could shoot down every one of your arguments, but I don't have time to create a power point presentation right now. Maybe later.

the mom said...

I read the whole thing and it actually made me smaller, stronger, faster, better looking, and younger.

Mr. Twisted said...

Smaller? Whoa... you're in trouble.

plane geek said...

The last sentence is telling...we should be carpet bombing Iraq. Take Fallujah for example...seal the city off. Turn power, water, electricity off, everyone out, kill all the males between 6 and 70 yrs old. Then commit unspeakable crimes against the women and children for s***s and grins. Then tell the terrorists to surrender or we will kill all of you no questions asked...iron rain ala operation Linebacker.

Oh wait that is the way Saddam used to run the show. We will win and freedom and democracy will have a fighting chance in a region of the world that is so vital to our interests. The liberals, the media, the anti's, the hate America first crowd will scream ad nauseum until we lose, tuck tail, and leave. Fortunatly I don't see that happening with the current administration. Godspeed to our men and women in the military who protect us each and every day.