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Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

FOXNews has an interesting compilation of letters based on the question "If You Could Be Any President, what would you change?" I get a kick out of some of the responses.

"I never would have allowed Africans to be brought over to become slaves." —
Diann (Montana)

No foolin'? Great idea, too bad it started before we ever had a president.

I suppose my answer to this question would be to be President during the Bill Clinton years and take care of the whole bin Laden issue back then. I am curious to read more input from all of you on this.


plane geek said...

Good one twisted....I could write paragraphs on this. The short list would be running the damn Russians back to Russia after WW2, going all the way to Baghdad during Gulf War one. Killing Osama when we knew where he was. Getting the United States of America the hell out of the UN and sending those idiots back to Europe or Africa. And right this minute I would let the nut jobs in Iran understand that we will not hesistate to vaporize Tehran if they use a nuke on Israel or any of our allies. I would also remind the clerics and imams that if they can't keep their dogs on a leash Mecca and Medina could be turned into large disks of glass just easily.

Mr. Twisted said...

Only problem with preemptive military strikes against Iran right now is that it runs the risk of alienating more Muslims in Iraq and turning them against the US. They might see the US as attackin *all* Muslim nations and decide to turn against our efforts there. Which, unfortunately, kind of leaves us in a "lose/lose" situation. Only question is, which loss is worse.

Good points though. And an interesting topic all the way around.

plane geek said...

Interesting points twisted. To me middle eastern geopolitics is very interesting. I would suggest a separate thread to avoid hijacking this thread. Your thoughts?

Mr. Twisted said...

I agree, fascinating subject. I don't have any specific ideas for a whole thread on it right now, but it will definately always be kind of a recurring theme here.

As for hijaking this one, I wouldn't worry too much. It does tie in with the subject matter, at least somewhat.

El Jeffe said...

I'd be Clinton and either tell Howard Dean to maintain his composure or tell Kerry not to be a spineless wishy washy type.

Mr. Twisted said...

You mean you didn't like Dean screaming like a little girl? Huh, I figured that's what everyone wanted in a leader.