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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Was She Even A Spy?

Fitzgerald Refuses to Show Evidence That Valerie Wilson Was Classified - This is a question I (along with others) have been asking since this "scandal" broke; was Valerie Plame/Wilson actually a spy?

Was Valerie Wilson a secret CIA officer when her name appeared in Robert
Novak's famous July 14, 2003, column, and what damage did the exposure of her
identity do to national security? Fitzgerald has so far refused to provide any
evidence touching on either question, at times shifting his reasoning as Libby's
lawyers pressed their case.

This seems to be an issue that is completely ignored whenever this story comes up in the main-stream media. It is entirely possible (and looking quite likely) that Plame/Wilson was not even involved in the clandestine operations side of the CIA house. While "technically" everyone at the CIA is supposed to remain somewhat anonymous, there is a far cry from the level of secrecy needed by someone who works in the DO (Directorate of Operations, under which the Clandestine Operations/Officers fall), and someone who is in a scientific or analytical position. Most of the hype surrounding this story makes this out to be the outing of a covert spy, yet there has been absolutely no proof of that so far. Should be interesting to see where it goes from here.


Anonymous said...

Plame stated sghe was a CIA Operations officer, paramilitarily trained at 'the farm' in "Vanity Fair."

Most operations officers use psychological disablity as the other excuse for not being responsible for what happened.

Mr. Twisted said...

Anonymous - Not saying that she didn't make that claim, but I am having a tough time tracking it down. Any links? I've found a lot of references to that article, just nothing refering to a claim like that one.

Also, another issue in the case is, even if she *was* a Clandestine Officer, your anononymity only has to be maintained for five years after you complete your last assignment. Everything in this story seems to indicate that she had been at Langley for a number of years by the time the story broke.

plane geek said...

There is an excellent article in the 24 Oct 2005 issue of The Weekly Standard. If one can find it on line it makes an interesting read. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame make an interesting couple to say the least. That a aggressive special prosecutor can prosecute Scooter Libby over this nonsense is laughable. Joe Wilson is a liar plain and simple. His wife more than likely a laughable boob in this entire matter. They both deserve the noose for treason. Along with many in the CIA who need to grow up and leave the politics to politicians.