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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Van Halen Fan No More

I hereby renounce my admiration for the band Van Halen due to this ridiculous behavior. Give it up, guys. It's over. Why don't they just stop, already? Because their egos need even more food?

Hat tip to the lovely Jen at Demure Thoughts for the link.


Jonathan Scott said...

This posting has been offically hijacked. The subject of this posting is now-


#1 It's not gay to let your significant other use certain "items" that strongly resemble male anatomy on you in the course of intimate relations.

#2 No movie at the theater is complete without popcorn, a coke, and a bottle of Crown Royal.

#3 Job? What's a job?

#4 Ross Perot could have changed this country if people had done the right thing and voted their conscience.

Please feel free to continue the list...

Kell said...

#5 No wardrobe is complete without a tin foil hat, a Hooters shirt, and chaps.

#6 If you use "Here's the thing..." before you express yourself, people will listen closer.

#7 Deflection... "LOOK OVER THERE" doesn't work, but it is fun to see if you can find a sucker to fall for it.

#8 There aren't enough Chocodiles, monkeys, and midgets in the world.

Mr. Twisted said...

Scotty - #1 Was a "hypothetical" argument. I will say no more.

#2 Was from the Zack Plante philosophy of life.

#3 Don't use that word around here. It's obscene.

#4 Who did you vote for in 1992? Oh that's right, you were still playing with GI Joe.

Kell -

#5 And that is bad because...???

#6 I learned that phrase from Einstein

#7 That's the greatest ruse of all time.

# 8 Truer words have yet to be spoken on this blog

~E said...

Greatest. Comments. Ever!! I think I've now learned more about the mysterious Mr. Twisted than I have from reading all heretofore blog posts.

Thanks Jonathan & Kell!!

El Jeffe said...

Sorry guys, I was doing #3 so Greg can continue doing what he's doing, but that's OKAY...

#9 13 year-old-girl impressions are easier than you think

#10 Chips and salsa are the most neglected food group

#11 Kicking someone elses "heinie" at video games, accompanied by obscene amounts of trash talking is the closest we can get to heaven on earth.

#12 Listening to Mandie Moore is acceptable behavior for grown men.

A guru for the ages... and we can say we knew him when.