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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Let Down

Arctic Monkeys take to the stage as Web hype swirls - I'm going to save all of you a lot of disappointment by telling you right now not to bother reading any articles that have something about "Arctic Monkeys" in the title. No, there is no new race of monkeys that are somehow able to not only survive in the frigid temperatures of the Arctic, but also have their own web site and sing their own songs (as I have been hoping for ever since they cancelled BJ and the Bear). I know, I was severely let down, as well. Imagine how much more upset I was when I found out that this is some British band hailed as the next Oasis. So what? Oasis sucked the first time around, and they sure as hell weren't monkeys of any kind. I hate it when headlines mislead us like this.


El Jeffe said...

Never before have I seen outrage so convincingly conveyed through a typed statement. And rightfully so, I say! Monkeys represent all that is good and held dear in this world. To use them in conjunction with the second coming of a waste of oxygen, nails on chalkboard BRITISH band, is sacrilege.

Mr. Twisted said...

Amen, my good friend. Just doing my part to warn you of false hope.