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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stupid People Intrigue Me

Man in Pokey After Reporting Purloined Pot - Yeah, I know the headline is cool, but wait, there's more:

Tippetts had called police on Monday evening after he returned home and found
that someone had broken a window, got cut on the glass, and crawled into the
house. Tippetts told police the only thing missing was the quarter-pound of
marijuana he was selling.

Uhh, sure... You know what really intrigues me here is the actual thought process that must have occurred to allow this to happen - Son of a... someone jacked my weed, man! This is bogus. I was gonna sell that stuff and by an Xbox 360 with the money. Now what am I going to do, man... I know, I'll call the cops on that bastard. That'll show 'em! Yeah, coooool. Now where is that phone...

I weep for humanity.


El Jeffe said...

Any lawyer worth his salt would be able to win that case hands down. It's a simple matter of stolen property. Who cares if it was illegal property? If it's okay to steal possessions that break one law or another, then we could have just stolen those WMD's that Osama Hussein guy had. See? Piece of cake. I didn't even need to employ the Chewbacca (spelling?) Defense.

Mr. Twisted said...

It does not make sense. You're talking about a planet of Ewoks with a wookie.

And I think the real victim in that story is the 911 operator who must have gone through pure agony taking the pot-heads call. "They stole my weeeeeed, man".