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Friday, February 10, 2006

Now For Some "Real" News

Stiletto workout: part of the heeling process - A new workout trend, which I can only hope is sweeping the nation, helps women build their "stiletto strength". And by golly, it's about time. Nothing turns me off more than a woman who doesn't have the endurance to wear 6 inch heels for a few hours at a time.

At a recent lunch-time session at Crunch gym near Times Square, dancer Amber Efe
demonstrated how to strut like a cat-walk model.

Huh. Wonder what kind of "dancer" Amber is.

"Imagine you're at the bar, raise one hand high like you're holding your drink,"
she told the class, music pounding as she acted the part of a club-goer working
through a crowd.
"Don't spill the drink," she told the group, a mix of women
who clearly had plenty of experience and others still tottering on shoes that
didn't show much wear.

Of course, you all realize that these women are paying money, good money, to "learn" this amazing skill that there is absolutely no way they could learn on their own.

Hmm, I see a gold mine of opportunity here in Vegas...


~E said...
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Mrs. WakeandaHalf said...

Not sure if this will take off in Vegas or not, you might have missed the window. There's a place here that offers, ahem, "pole dancing" as exercise. And yes, I do mean that kind of a pole.

Mr. Twisted said...

Ah, but see, this particular workout is for the "working professional" women out there. Not just strippers. This has a much broader appeal.

Mrs. WakeandaHalf said...

Ya see, that's the sad part... the strip dancing lessons are for regular women (and I suppose men, but whoa! let's not go there) too. It's "great exercise" they say. I wish I was making this up, but I saw a report on the news.

See, Carmen Electra is already making money. :(

Kell said...

I promised to not post anonymously any more.. but I probably should have for this one.

While Carmen is in general pretty vile ... that is a killer work out. Not that I would know.

Mr. Twisted said...

Kell - I KNEW IT!!! You've been doing striptease workouts. I have a whole new respect for you. Do you do those with or without the little one in the room? Ha.

spurringirl said...

Hmmm, I'm going to be in NYC. Is it possible that one lesson would make me walk like a stripper? Errrr, don't answer that.

Mr. Twisted said...

When you go to NYC, research that. I am curious to see how fast they can turn you into an "expert heel walker".

plane geek said...

All that is really needed is a pair of shoes that make that very certain "click" noise when they are walked in. Every man in western culture knows that sound. And it causes them to lose IQ points and spend money as though the 'morrow will never come. Not that I would have any experience in all of this. Cuz help me out here.

Anonymous said...

That"clicking" sound that plane geek spoke about made me wonder. Would a pair of tap shoes work as well? (and save a poor women's arches)