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Friday, February 17, 2006

Bringing the Funny With a Heavy Dose

For those of you that have never read "Fashion SWAT" at Something Awful, you are in for a serious treat. This one is all about obscure comic book characters, and is quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever read. If I were as creative as these guys, I would, I dunno... be making money at this, maybe? Instead, I just steal from them and give it to you. Try to read as many pages as you can before your eyes swell shut from tears of laughter. Enjoy.


Kell said...

I read just a little of these when Twist first posted it.... and I thought funny, but ok, whatever. Must be a monkeys/ midgets/ chocodiles thing. After some convincing and possible threats of bodily harm I read them all. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I am still crying. My sides are killing me. Could be the insane number of Long Island Ice Teas this weekend... but who knows..... tell me these don't sound like our favorite blogger???... I think he has yet another alter ego...

His super suit doesn't have pockets so maybe it's a coin purse or some sort of satchel for his sack lunch.

He's just one of those guys who's way too into one weird thing

He's like the worst popsicle ever.

"You kids and your red costumes and bug names. That's crazy talk. Back in my day we only had green costumes, and we were glad to have 'em. No fancy tricks or powers either, we just put on a green suit and then we shot people with revolvers like the way it is in the Bible."

It's like she's a space mom ready to do some f#$@ing space dishes. She belongs in the space kitchen.

The guy in the middle has about fifty times the number of muscles required to operate his body. I wonder what all the extra ones control? Can he rotate his nipples or make his eyelids flip inside out or something?

Holy crap that is some funny S!%t.

El Jeffe said...

I was laughing really hard, until I saw Dr Bong on there. He is my favorite! How could they even pretend Doc Bong doesn't rule? IDIOTS!

Mr. Twisted said...

Just keep reading. Take special note of Condor man.