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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is it Just Me, Or....

...do the Olympics really suck? I was watching for a little bit this evening, and it occurred to me that some of the events featured I have a hard time even considering a "sport".

Think about it, does figure skating really qualify as a sport? Sure, it's extremely difficult and requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and tremendous skill. But so does playing the piano or doing ballet. I don't see those in the Olympics. And why not? Because those are mediums of expression that require far too much artistic interpretation, and thus can only be judged as such. So how is figure skating different? In my eyes, it's not. Does this mean you shouldn't take pleasure in watching it? No, this has nothing to do with one's enjoyment of being a spectator. This has to do with the skewed view that people have of competition of any kind.

When multiple skiers race down the same mountain course with the similar equipment to see who can net the fastest time, a clear cut winner is, for the most part, quite obvious. The winner is the competitor who made it across the finish line first while obeying all the rules. With figure skating, apparently the judges must take into account not only how hard a particular move is, but also how flamboyantly gay the skater dresses as well as how overly dramatic they act while they engage in their "performance" (crying at the end I think nets huge points). You know what? I don't care. This may be an enjoyable event for many people to watch, but guess what? It's all based on artistic expression. They might as well add ballet and Vegas style lap dancing to the Olympics, because that's about how much sense there is in having figure skating as part of the games.

In essence, I think figure skaters are incredibly talented. However, I am bitter because they receive far more coverage than hockey, effectively making them my enemy. Enough ranting for now, I'm going to Cirque de Soleil.


Jason Evans said...

Some ideas for Olympic Events:

1. Log PT
2. The unknown distnace ruckmarch
3. Create an apparatus and move it event

and my favorite...

4. The fill and move sandbag event

Jonathan Scott said...

I'm tired of all the gay bashing on this website. I think we are all due a public appology. Makeup and plunging necklines shouldn't be reserved for woman only. You 20th century, western, macho neanderthal.

plane geek said...

Vegas style lap dancing. Now that would actually draw the coveted 18-34 male demographic in droves. And if one could just incorporate monster and b*****s...oh wait that already comes with that part of the program. And this Weir weirdo "princessy" should be forced to do Log PT for wearing a sweater with CCCP on it.

Mr. Twisted said...

Jason - Don't forget, it's Log *and* rifle PT ;)

Scotty - I didn't bash. I just don't think an expression of one's sexuality should be judged in sport. Like that time Dan Hayes said "Scott, you run like a queer!" Totally unfair and Irrelevent. Funny, but irrellevent.

Plane Geek - Yes, but he says he admires their "culture". I say, let him admire it from a gulag.