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Monday, February 13, 2006

Coolest Headline of the Week

Woman charged with smuggling human head -

Uhh, you mean we're supposed to declare those?


El Jeffe said...

Too bad those customs guys didn't find her voodoo dolls. I'd say she's probably escaping right now, and as they say "hell hath no fury like a woman who had her human head confiscated". I shudder to think what will happen to those poor saps.

Mr. Twisted said...

If we hear reports of customs agents acting like their butts are on fire, we'll know the voodoo thing is for real.

~E said...

The Pensacola News Journal had a line that said she was charged with smuggling the head 'without proper documentation'. So I guess if she had the proper paperwork, it would have been o.k.!??

Kell said...

And what kind of rinky-dink shop did she go to? The emporiums (Heads-R-Us and Cranium Mart) both provide the customs forms when you check out.

This is what happens when you buy head at bargain prices. Bada-bump.

Mr. Twisted said...

Muse - I usually bring my documentation, but I never knew it was the *law*.

Kell - You're on a roll. Don't forget to remind the audience to tip their servers.

~E said...

"This is what happens when you buy head at bargain prices."

Awesome. Quote. !!