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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Philosophical Wanking (Inspired by a Bunny Named Wanda)

I came across this piece I wrote a few months back. As I am just not in a very humorous mood, it just seems like the thing to do to share this:

There is an old African saying that, loosely translated, says “A person is a person, because of other people”. At first glance, this may seem obvious and quite contrite. If looked at with an open mind, however, one can see that there is much more to it.

We are not all created equally. We are not all capable of the same things that the person beside us is. We are in fact, quite different from one another in numerous ways. Yet it is these same differences that allow us to grow as a person; to grow in our knowledge of human understanding, and acceptance of why we are here.

What is our responsibility then? Is it to help others where they are weak and you are strong? This is part of it, but it goes a step further. We do not fully begin to grow as human beings until we realize our own weakness, and accept the fact that there are other people in our lives that can be relied upon to make up for those shortcomings. This is much easier said than done, as our ego tends to get in the way as we tell ourselves that we can handle all problems on our own. The greatest lies are ones that are believed by the one telling them.

Why do we deny others’ help? Is it a lack of trust for other human beings? Possibly, but I believe that an unwillingness to surrender our own ego is a more accurate definition of the problem. The very thought that we alone cannot handle a problem is a fear that drives many of us in our daily life. Each one of us sees ourselves as the complete human being; the one who can solve everyone else’s problems as well as our own. Unfortunately, this is a charade that many of us can carry on quite well, and most others are never the wiser. For those fitting into that mold, however, it is a lonely road to be traveled.

Does it have to be this way? Do those of us with the high walls of self-sufficiency need to wander from friend to friend, stopping only long enough to solve their problems and console their torn and ragged hearts before moving on? This is an unanswerable question, of course, as those who play this role can only answer it for themselves. They most likely know that there are others there to help, others who can bear some of the burden. But sometimes they need another soul, not unlike their own, to remind them that they are not alone; someone who understands them, not because they are trying to solve their problems, but because they are so much like themselves. It is when souls such as these collide that the light of understanding is sometimes shown directly on one or both of them.

The answers are neither simple nor complex, as the answers lie within each of us, only as long as we are humble enough to look for them. Can we be strong for others while surrendering our own selves? It is this balance that a relationship must hinge on. We are not complete, physically, mentally, or spiritually until we allow for growth inspired by others. And that growth may only be inspired by our own willingness to accept our weaknesses, and allow those who have come into our lives to strengthen us.

We are all here for the benefit of others. By not giving, we are being selfish; by not receiving, we are denying the world what could be.

Have a good one, back to the funny tomorrow.


~E said...

Wow! You've no idea how much of this hit home. May I borrow it, perhaps pass it on giving you full credit?

Thanks for the 'handsful of purpose'.


Jason Evans said...

Hmmm..... reminds me of a song... "People.... people who need people.... are the luckiest people in the world...." I forget who sings it... ;)

Mr. Twisted said...

Pass it on if you like. No problem.

the mom said...

Good thoughts! I think the receiving is actually harder for some people than the giving.

El Jeffe said...

Man. I can't even begin to write after reading that. That piece is something that seems so easy when stated as eloquently as it was, but the realizations necessary for it to be stated are things that some people go their whole lives without. And their lives are incredibly limited by that lacking.